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Events 2018

Sectional Concerts

During the 2nd quarter we have our Sectional concerts where we highlight progress to the parents. This opportunity is also to help students in facing an audience and stage performance. These artists do the event at no cost.

20th May – Piano and vocal Sectional Concert @ Garlandale School Hall – 15h00
27th May – Percussion, Guitar, Woodwind – Sectional Concert @ Garlandale School Hall – 15h00
1st July – Strings Sectional concert @ Garlandale School Hall – 15h00
2nd July – 5th July – Winter Workshop (Garlandale High School) (10h00 – 13h00)
1st September – Annual Jazz Concert – Athlone Civic Centre @ 15h00
24th November – Gala Concert @ Garlandale High School 17h00

Annual Jazz Concert

A major event is our Annual Jazz Concert which is in fact our main Fundraiser for the year. We have had many of our top local artists and bands perform over the years. These artists do the event for us for free.