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Courses and Fees

Courses and Fees

The Trinity Guildhall London syllabus is followed by all instruments, including the Theory of Music. We teach Students of all ages from initial grade to grade 8. There is an annual registration fee of R100,00 and the tuition fee is R320.00 per month per instrument.

We work on a four week month so if the month has five weeks , lessons are not charged extra, in fact there are some months which has a public holiday and this sort of makes up and balances out. All lessons are individual and are 30 minutes long.

  • Vocal Courses
  • Guitar Courses
  • Bass Guitar Courses
  • Piano Courses
  • Drum Courses
  • Brass and Wind instruments Courses
  • Violin, Viola and Cello courses
  • The Theory of Music Classes
  • Theory of Music is also available at no extra charge for registered students
  • Practical and Theory exams are done through
  • Trinity College of London


EDIM music school in Arcueil (France).
Stellenbosch University our knowledge partner.
SA Army Band (Cape Town) our knowledge partner.